About yourtonic.com

yourtonic.com is an online health store and information site, selling a premium range of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Our goal is to bring you the creme de la creme of complementary health products to support your health issues as well as the latest health information from a wide range of health practitioners and experts.

At yourtonic.com, we are meticulous about the products we select. We scrutinise every health and beauty product for their genuine ‘naturalness’, ingredients and efficacy. If we don’t like them we don’t list them, as yourtonic.com is about quality over quantity.

We are a dedicated online shop and this allows us to bring you the best products and service at highly competitive prices.

We are also UK/Irish exclusive distributors of Surya Brasil Henna Hair Colouring and Cosmetic ranges as well as Guayapi Amazonian Ritual Shampoo products.

This blog provides a source of information in the areas of natural health, beauty, and well-being, as our sole concern is a happier you!

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