Keeping your Child Healthy

In the ideal world, humans but in particular children would not need any supplements as they would receive all the nutrients they need from food. However, depletion of minerals in the soil, a change in lifestyle toward more processed & refined foods and the genetic consequences of generation after generation having minor deficiencies in essential nutrients render our children at an increased risk for poor health.

Of particular importance in children’s health are essential fatty acids as they are essential for brain growth and development. Their importance actually starts back at the time of conception, and carries right through pregnancy also. Children require a source of Omega 3, 6 and 9, unlike adults who are more likely to be deficient in Omega 3. Children with ADHD and behavioral problems have responded extraordinarily well to Omega supplementation. If you have fussy kids disguise fish oils in a little amount of yoghurt or smoothie to make it more palatable.
As children (hopefully) spend more time than adults outside in the air, wind and rain they are more exposed to the elements and pathogens that are associated with them. Taking the herbal remedy Echinacea regularly can modulate the immune response to invading pathogens that could otherwise lead to infections.

If children are poor or fussy eaters it may help to take a tonic or multivitamin on an ongoing basis. Children’s probiotics are specifically designed with children’s health in mind, and the strains used will promote digestive health, immunity and general well being.

Involving you child in the preparation and cooking of food is essential to a good relationship with food. Childhood is also the ideal time to introduce new and exciting foods as adults tend to develop neophobia (fear of new foods) as they get older. Remember, the more varied the diet is the healthier the child.

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