Detox Diet – The First Steps

The introduction to the Detox Diet. We take you through the first steps you should take for 1-2 weeks below.


Skin Brush, bath and massage with essential oils daily.

First Thing

A glass or more of hot or cold water with a squeeze of lemon.


Yoghurt (live, plain sheep or goat’s) with a sliced banana and a dessert- spoonful each of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seed, ground. Oatgerm can be added.

OR a bowl of stewed prunes or other dried fruits with seeds and germ sprinkled as before. OR Half a melon

Dandelion coffee, luaka or Rooibosch tea, fruit or herbal teas such as Cat’s Claw are especially good.

Mid Morning Hot water with lemon or breakfast drinks. If hungry eat an apple or pear or both.

Lunch Herb Omelette. OR Goats, sheeps or cottage cheese. OR Grilled fish (never smoked). OR Jacket potato with parsley, chives and olive oil OR Half an avocado. All served with a bowl of raw vegetables, with a dressing of olive oil and herbs. No drinks for one hour after eating.

Mid Afternoon

As mid morning. Drink water or herb teas freely at any time away from meals.

Tea Time

Rooibosch tea or as midmorning, fruit if needed

Dinner Time

Vegetable juice, warmed gently. Homemade soup. OR brown rice with vegetables. Add a bowl of raw vegetables if needed with dressing. Drink after one hour.

All day

Drink water freely, hot or cold. If at any time you have a headache, this is a sign of toxicity, it means you are shifting the poisons, keep drinking water and take extra Vitamin C maybe 3-5 grams extra for speedy relief.

Go to bed early if you need to, after skin brushing and a warm, not hot bath with essential oils. Splash yourself with cold water before a brisk towel dry.

Stay tuned for future blog posts on the diets to undertake after this initial period, to complete your detox successfully.



Warning: This regime is not one to undertake if you have a string of social commitments, or indeed a

period of stress, like moving house or starting a new job or any physical or emotional upheaval. Just

choose a time to concentrate on yourself, how often does that happen in your life? You will be aware of

changes in your body, depending how toxic your system is: your skin may become dry, have more spots,

you may have headaches, nausea, or even mood swings. You may sweat more, you will urinate more

and your bowel movements will increase, these are signs that the programme is working and the cellulite

is starting to move. These detoxifying symptoms can last for up to a week. It is important to follow the

programme conscientiously, it is the regularity of the skin brushing, the massage, the oils in the bath, and

the diet that all really work together.


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